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Manele , Romaneasca , House , Hip-Hop , Straina , Colinde , Ringtonuri , Etc , Totul Gratis !
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Piesa zilei: Descemer Bueno, Enrique Iglesias, Andra - Nos Fuimos Lejos (Romanian Remix) ft. El Micha
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Our legal status
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- The Files indexed by the site Klub-Music.Com, are not hosted by us. Our servers run automated programs that allow users to Exchange files, legal responsibility on these files exclusively belonging to users who transfer them. Our servers not only descriptive information, manipulates for example size, title and the IP address of computers that transfer the file; the actual content of these files is not at any time stored or transferred by Klub-Music.Com.

- These descriptive information processing is automatic. Because the number of files is very large, sorting and checking their manual is nefezabila in the conditions of a non-profit entities as Klub-Music.Com. Therefore, the responsibility over the content transferred belongs exclusively to users, the site administration can not to protect in any sort of legal consequences of their actions.

- This liability disclaimer is perfectly legal in the country in which we operate, the country which is not Romania. In addition, the law of the country hosts no unauthorized transfer of criminalizeaza works embodying rights through computer networks, a non-profit organization, the activities being considered non-exclusive nature of the marital problems.

- In this sense, because it does not promote or tolerate activities likely to violate copyright, Klub-Music.Com collaborates with rightholders in order to limit any losses, real or potential. In accordance with the legislation of the host country, we pledge to remove any file identified as unauthorized by the holders of rights, or the organisations that represent them, within 48 h of such notification.

Report file
- If you are in the situation described, and regarded as one of the files transferred from our users is violating your rights. legal notices, please send us a message at the email address below. It is mandatory to include the address of the file on our site, as it appears in the address bar of the browser, as well as scanned copies of the documents from which to reiasa that you are the holder of the rights on the files.

- Anonymous or notices from third persons are not taken into account Klub-Music.Com has no ability or obligation fall to check if the legal works are transferred with the consent of the holder of rights in the absence of direct complaints to it or its representatives.

- Your request. will be analyzed within 48 h of Administration Klub-Music.Com, and if it will be found to be justified, it will be removed.

- Notices will be sent to the following address: .
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